A country rising with huge potential is Zambia. Undiscovered for way too long, the natural beauty of this nation has remained in a state [...]


Mostly known for the world-famous Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has an incredible range of features waiting to be explored by you. A hidden gem in [...]


Commonly known as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’, the small country of Malawi will have you speechless. Longing for cocktails on the beach under [...]


Feel the African sun as it softly rests on your face, as each beam reminds your soul that you have made it here, a [...]


HIGHLIGHTS: Central Kalahari - a wilderness unlike anywhere else. Where a harsh climate meets sheer vastness. Explore herds of desert adapted animals strive around you [...]


If spice is the way to your heart, then look no further. Angola, the land of legends; filled with rich cultures, cuisines and plush [...]


In its 30 years of existence, Namibia managed to mark its spot on the map by featuring as the number 1 tourist destination in [...]

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