Feel the African sun as it softly rests on your face, gently reminding your soul that you have arrived in a place now called home! A place you have never laid your eyes on before, wide-open spaces and horizons still to be discovered, you will be exposed to the kings and queens of the jungle – can you hear the pitter-patter of your heart? South Africa, a land of culture, traditions and diverse, awe-inspiring natural beauty – all intertwined to create the full circle of life – they say it is the place to find yourself, OR, is it one to completely get lost in? This is the place you will want to embrace forever – lose yourself – even if it is only for a moment, a memory, or a lifetime. What are you waiting for?



The most notable and top of the list is Table Mountain, Cape Town. This flat mountain is the iconic feature of the western province. Hitch a trip to the top via cableway or by foot.


Kruger National Park – Limpopo, Gauteng & MpumalangaNow don’t be fooled by the sheer size of the park, the Kruger National Park’s vast stretches of land overs the ideal travel space to see the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant) in their natural settings. Binoculars anyone?


On the slopes of Table Mountain in the Western Cape is a garden created of great grandeur only a King could possibly afford and maintain. Kirstenbosch places a strong emphasis on only planting indigenous plants found in the southern hemisphere. Plants range from savannas, fynbos, karoo and many more. Botanist as a hobby, you say?


A brief look into the history of where all humans originated, can be found just on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Here you can delve into the history discovered by hominid remains dating back millions of years back.

An island off the coast of Cape Town, yielding the history of the late president Nelson Mandela. Take a stroll through the prison cells and take a trip down down memory lane into the deep-rooted history of the Apartheid regime.

Are you a space fanatic and interested in astronomy and all star-related themes an African night sky has to offer? Then look no further – SALT has got you covered! It is the largest, single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere and situated in coldest and least light-polluted skies, namely in Sutherland. Be sure to pack extra socks and a good pair of eyes if you want to take yourself there.

The worlds fifth-largest aquarium boasts a vast array of different aquatic life, ranging from dolphins to reefs and even river rides to entertain the little ones. Spending a day at Usaka, soaking wet is the only sea-language you will speak fluently!

A guided tour exploring the rise and fall of the oppressive and racial segregational history that South Africa is tainted with. The museums make use of photography, videography and visual/tangible displays in order to allow the viewer to experience and absorb the struggle faced by the local population during this time period.

Take a trip to the northernmost province, Limpopo and visit the third largest canyon in the world. This mountain view will offer you views of God’s Window, Hippo trails and many more picturesque scenes and natural wonders!

Port Elizabeth is the place to be if your heart desires to see view all the elephants South Africa has to offer in this little gem of a park!  You might also spot a lion, or two….


  • Fancy an out of this world wine tasting experience, boat cruise, exploring the Cango Caves,
  • shark cage diving or abseiling down Table Mountain?
  • The list of activities on offer is endless and will guarantee an unforgettable adventure for everyone!
  • Windsurfing, sailing and motorboating, kiteboarding, snorkelling, surfing, jet skiing and scuba diving will satisfy the watersport enthusiasts,
  • the outdoor enthusiast can choose between hiking and camping, golfing, cycling, rock climbing, horseback riding and trail walking, to name but a few.
  • There are art retreats, yoga and meditation retreats, luxurious spas and health farms to pamper your heart, soul and body
  • And of course fine dining in top restaurants, bars and cafés for that culinary experience of a lifetime.
  • An eclectic mix of different cultures ensures a diversity of experiences in the form of cultural evenings,
  • visits to museums, art galleries, parks and places of architectural interest.