In its 30 years of existence, Namibia managed to mark its spot on the map by featuring as the number 1 tourist destination in many travel guides. From its endless savannahs to the rugged coastline outlined by the oldest desert in the world, the Land of the Brave welcomes all types of visitors. Looking for open spaces and complete tranquillity? Namibia will make it possible for you to switch off and feel at peace.


  1. Etosha NP – visit the country’s flagship national park to explore an abundant amount of exclusive wildlife and diverse landscapes in a unique environment. Witness a large area of nothing but salt transform into an endless lake during the rainy season attracting birds from far.
  2. Waterberg – this flat-topped sandstone plateau offers freshwater springs creating a serene environment attracting exclusive birds and wildlife in the eastern central highlands.
  3. Erongo Mountains – this geographical wonderland offers you ther opportunity to travel through the ruins of 130 million-year-old ruins. The breath-taking rock creations feature ancient engravings of historical events and you will be able to spot birds and wildlife.
  4. Skeleton National Park – where the desert meets the ocean; this desolate yet compelling wilderness boasts the largest number of shipwrecks in the world. The exclusive lodges in this national park ensure to make you feel welcome in this harsh but stunning environment.
  1. Naukluft National Park – the largest national park on the continent offers excellent hiking opportunities and unforgettable views with a large variety of accommodation available.
  2. Sossusvlei – a UNESCO world heritage site which hosts some of the tallest dunes in the world and extinct trees, Sossusvlei guarantees an out of this world experience.
  3. Fish River Canyon – the second largest canyon in the world follows a deep fissure in the otherwise arid landscape, making it one of the most picturesque features and can be explored in a number of ways.
  4. KAZA – twice as large as the size of the United Kingdom, this enormous transfrontier conservation area consisting of the Kavango and Zambezi river basins is found within five countries. It is home to one of the biggest protected ecosystems in the world and spectacular wildlife and a lush array of flora.