1. Central Kalahari – a wilderness unlike anywhere else. Where a harsh climate meets sheer vastness. Explore herds of desert adapted animals strive around you in solitude.
  2. The Okavango-Delta – the largest in land delta guarantees you a safari done different in one of the most pristine wildernesses there is.
  3. Tsodilo Hills – discover the largest concentration of rock paintings in the world in an atmosphere so intriguing and mysterious like nowhere else.
  4. Moremi – if you would like to witness the ultimate animal kingdom then Moremi is the place to be for you. At the heart of the delta, this national park offers you a once in a lifetime safari.
  5. Chobe National Park – home to huge herds of all elephants, the chobe will leave you speechless with game viewings available all year round.
  6. Nxai Salt Pans – discover a magical sense of wilderness in these vast flat saltpans.