Tired of the rat race? Longing for a dream destination filled with natural wonders and superb natural beauty?  Botswana offers you the thrilling opportunity where you can witness the age-old drama of life in the African bush, coupled with the peace and tranquility that comes with experiencing the solace of nature. It is also one of the best countries on the continent to offer you unparalleled game viewing and real-life adventures of the animal kingdom. The diverse habitats range from huge wetlands and wide rivers to sprawling, game-covered grasslands and white, sunbaked salt pans. Arts & culture also play a dominant role and can be experienced in the vibrant rural and urban cultural landscapes of Botswana.



A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the lushest, scenically spectacularly beautiful habitats hosting an abundance of wildlife. The largest in land delta guarantees you a safari of a lifetime in one of the most pristine wilderness areas there are.


Home to huge herds of all elephants, the chobe will leave you speechless with game viewings available all year round.


If you would like to witness the ultimate animal kingdom then Moremi is the place to be for you. At the heart of the delta, this national park offers you a once in a lifetime safari.


A remote wilderness unlike anywhere else. A harsh climate, coupled with sheer vastness; endless undulating grasslands, dotted with occasional dunes, pans and shallow fossil river valleys.  Witness herds of antelope, listen to the roar of the African lion and immerse yourself in solitude.

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the largest concentration of rock paintings in the world, with a tremendous spiritual and religious significance and guaranteed to leave you with a feeling of awe.

A park dominated by large, white salt pans which attract herds of zebra and other antelope, especially after the rainy season. Home also to the famous Baines Baobabs

Shared with South Africa, this truly unique park borders also on Namibia and is known for its abundance of predators and raptors and is accessible from Botswana at Kaa and Mabuasehube, South Africa at Twee Rivieren and Namibia through Mata Mata. Vast grasslands interspersed with rolling red sand dunes and dotted with salt pans, this park a ideal for the intrepid 4×4 enthusiast and self-sufficient camper. The roar of the iconic black-maned Kalahari lion will send shivers down your spine and reverberate in your innermost being, long after you have left the park…


Synonymous with Botswana’s varied habitat are the variations that are on offer for the iconic Botswana safari experience. Each destination offers something different from

  • exploring the open floodplains, rivers and wetlands by boat – sunset or dinner cruises are a highlight -, mokoro or canoe,
  • to exploring the vast grasslands and seasonally flooded pans on horseback, trails or guided nature walks.
  • For the eagle eye perspective, light aircraft charters, hot air balloon rides or helicopter flights are on offer, and the adventurous spirit can choose between exploring the vast Makgadikgadi salt pans by quad bike,
  • experience a mobile camping expedition where it is not unusual to have an elephant, hyena or honey badger strolling through camp.
  • Hang out with meerkats in the Kalahari or meet the San Bushmen, experience epic game drives where you can enjoy the best wildlife and predator sightings or simply immerse yourself in luxury,
  • pamper yourself and take in glorious views from Botswana’s top lodges and camps.