Mostly known for the world-famous Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has an incredible range of features waiting to be explored by you. A hidden gem in southern Africa, enclosed by the mighty Zambezi river in the north and the Limpopo river in the south, the country has proven itself to be a top destination for anyone willing to experience an adventure. The friendly culture of the people will make you feel right at home whilst its lush scenery and abundant wildlife will guarantee to leave you in awe.


  1. Highlands – found in eastern Zimbabwe, this hidden gem is often left off tourist routes even though it should feature on a traveller’s bucket list. It has a cooler climate than the rest of the region and features the country’s tallest mountain. Ideal for hiking or just relaxing at some serene lakes.
  2. Great Zimbabwe ruins – stroll around the ruins of a city constructed 1100 AD and allow yourself to be transported back in time to one of mankind’s earliest civilisations right in the heart of Zimbabwe.
  3. Hwange – an exemplary national park hosting huge herds of wildlife and incredible scenery, this easily accessible national park marks a gateway for an introduction into Zimbabwean safari.
  4. Lake Kariba – this magnificent lake caters for all sorts wishes. Enjoy watching a stunning sunset from a boat over these endless waters, to exploring the wildlife tumbling around the lake or the history of the mythical Nyami Nyami river God residing in here, this landmark needs to be on your bucket list.
  5. Matabo – this national park is ideal for getting active as it hosts some of the most incredible scenic features and routes for hiking. Additionally, certain animal species that aren’t found in other regions can be spotted reliably here
  6. Victoria Falls – one of the 7 world wonders, this glorious area welcomes tourists of all walks by offering numerous activities of all kinds. Travel hassle free as excellent transport links to the rest of the world are available.