Due to a rich national heritage which includes spectacular waterfalls, rivers and lakes, as well as a rich abundance in wildlife which roams vast sanctuaries, Zambia is a rising star in the tourism industry. An undiscovered gem for a long time, Zambia offers unforgettable holidays exploring the natural beauty of authentic Africa.



South Luangwa National Park – the country’s flagship national park invites you to view its diverse wildlife either by foot, night drives or regular safaris, hosted in splendour by the many luxurious lodges and tented bush camps. The lush vegetation and the river add to the flair.



Kafue National Park – wild at heart and the oldest and largest of the parks, rewards visitors with its abundance of wildlife. From the famous and fertile Busanga plains to the Kafue River, wetlands, savannah and woodlands, this lush and diverse habitat is home to all the large predators, as well as elephant, buffalo, various antelope species and prolific birdlife.


 Lake Bangweulu & Bangweulau Swamps & Wetlands – translated, ‘Bangweulu’ means ‘The Place Where the Water Meets the Sky,’ which aptly describes one of the world’s most breath-taking wetland systems, with the lake surrounded by scenic swamps and wetlands.  Home to the iconic shoebill stork, a very rare bird, as well as an abundance of wildlife, this fertile area should be a dream destination for everyone.


An area currently being rehabilitated with wildlife, these horseshoe-shaped falls impressively record the second highest volume of water cascading down a staggered, twenty metre drop. Currently serving as an ideal picnic spot, but lodges and campsites are also in the building and planning stage.

The largest river flowing into the Indian ocean from Africa and a lifeblood for southern Africa. It provides drinking water and food for man and beast, irrigation, transport and entices the tourism industry with an abundance of activities.  The dramatic and breath-taking panorama, as well as abundance in wildlife surely is every photographer’s dream and a variety of activities including canoeing down the Zambezi, should satisfy every adventurer desires.

A cultural and traditional spectacle, which chronicles the journey of the litunga (the Lozi king) from his dry-season palace at Lealui, near Mongu, to his wet-season palace on higher ground at Limulunga.


  • A pedestrian excursion like a guided lion or elephant walks or white-water rafting are some of the adventurous options for the brave hearted.
  • River-rafting, abseiling, bungee jumping, and gorge swinging are also guaranteed to raise your blood pressure, but fear not –
  • horse trails, night drives, sunset cruises, fishing and fly fishing are also on the cards.
  • Drift lazily along the Lower Zambezi River in a canoe or simply but up your feet and sip a cocktail on the deck of your private houseboat on Lake Kariba.