A country rising with huge potential is Zambia. Undiscovered for way too long, the natural beauty of this nation has remained in a state which leaves visitors longing for more. Of skipping waterfalls, lakes, and huge areas of protected land, Zambia offers you its qualities on a silver plate.


  1. South Luangwa National Park – the country’s flagship national park enables you to view its countless wildlife either by foot, night drives or regular safaris all whilst being surrounded by divine lodges. Its lush vegetation and the river add to its flare.
  2. Kafue National Park – wild at heart, this diverse park rewards visitors.
  3. Ngonye Falls – an area currently being rehabilitated with wildlife, these falls record the second highest volume of water pounding down. Currently serving as an ideal picnic spot but soon as a perfect destination point as accommodation is under construction.
  4. Lake Bangweulu – translated, ‘Bangweulu’ means ‘The Place Where the Water Meets the Sky’ which accurately describes this breath-taking lake. Home to the shoebill stork, a very rare bird, this lake surrounded by scenic swamps is an iconic destination.
  5. Kuomboka ceremonythis astonishing ceremony marks the journey of the litunga(the Lozi king) from his dry-season palace at Lealui, near Mongu, to his wet-season palace on higher ground at Limulunga.
  6. The Mighty Zambezi – this river is the largest one flowing into the Indian ocean from Africa. This source of live for both man and animals, this spectacular river serves so much more than just for exquisite photographs. It provides a wide range of activities and is waiting to be reconnoitred by you.