If spice is the way to your heart, then look no further. Angola, the land of legends; filled with rich cultures, cuisines and plush landscapes. The country encompasses everything essential in adding an African pawprint to your passport, ranging from wildlife adventures, historical explorations and most certainly views beyond your wildest dreams. Put your feet up and relax under a baobab tree, sipping on chilled N’gola beer while watching the scorching sun turn into a sky full of sparkling possibilities.


  1. Dilolo Lake – Any fishermen in the family? Explore the largest lake in Angola, an impressive size of 12km long. We suggest using a tour guide to show you all the hidden spots around the body of water, they might even know where all the freshwater fish are hiding.
  2. Soyo – A sleepy village on the outskirts of the northwest of Angola. Soyo brags with masses of water surrounding visitors as they stand at the mouth of the Congo River.
  3. Tandavala Gap – Now this is a sight any camera needs to capture! Nestled between the cities Lubango and Namibe, a gap in a mountain range offers phenomenal views of the vast kingdoms of Angola.
  4. Luanda – Take a stroll in the Mecca of political an economical power of Angola. The city boasts with its lively hustle and bustle atmosphere all hours of the day. Beware, traffic is the city’s finest quality.
  5. Meseu de Antropologia (National Museum of Anthropology) – A haven of history for all lovers of the past! Walk down memory lane as your eyes feast on the collection and preservation of profound Angolan heritage.
  6. Kissama National Park – Bordered by the vast Atlantic Ocean, lies the gem of Angola. This park is the home of an abundance of wildlife ranging from elephants to giant sables. Now, this call’s for big binoculars!
  7. The Kanlundula Falls – Greatest splendour is found near the calming sound of rushing water. Book a trip and spot a rainbow in the largest waterfall by volume in Africa.
  8. Mayombe Forest – Organise a trip through the lush forests near the Congo River. This very place is untouched by mankind and shows natural ecosystems living in harmony.
  9. Sangano Beach – No need for a bikini or speedo body. Stretch out and bask in the sun on the golden splashed beaches on Sangano bay. Neatly packed away behind your towel lie restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
  10. Serra da Leba – Ampted for adventure? Then try this mountain pass located just outside Lubango. Its twists and turns offer the adrenalin rush any hiker desires.