Commonly known as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’, the small country of Malawi will have you speechless. Longing for cocktails on the beach under exotic trees whilst absorbing African rays of sunshine? Or rather hiking through magical landscapes and plateaus. Perhaps a unique safari through green productive lands? This densely populated country is one of the less frequent places tourists choose to travel to, yet all the more reason to visit it.

The countless animals and birds that thrive within the borders of this country will provide you with an unforgettable experience. This diverse country offers you landscapes like found nowhere else and is the perfect place to spend a vacation.


  1. Nyika Plateau – housing Malawi’s largest national park, this superb mountain range offers magnificent views of high-altitude grasslands and mountain outcrops with herds of mammals and birds thriving in between.
  2. Lake Malawi – Malawi’s diamond and one of Africa’s hidden secrets, this lake offers the perfect relaxation after a safari or other activity. Whether you just feel like exploring the crystal-clear lake by boat, canoe or snorkelling through it, or relaxing at a white beach to discovering the endless lakeshore, feel free to try it all without the crowds of mass tourists overshadowing you.
  3. Tee/coffee plantations – find out how your favourite teeas and coffees are produced right here and enjoy the full services offered.
  4. Livingstonia Mission – not only does this station have stunning views but also is a place of rich history and very pretty.
  5. Nkhotakota Wildlife ReserveThis is a wonderful example of true, rugged, untouched wilderness. This developing park has seen rapid improvements with the new infrastructure making it easily accessible and the good management ensuring protection of this divine scenery and wildlife numbers increasing.
  6. Mount Mulanje – known as the ‘island in the sky’, this impressive mountain rises almost sheer from the surrounding plains. An amazing landmark that will always amaze visitors is ready to be explored by the world.